About Us

Aloha Wellness Center Inc. is here to ease all of the apprehension and anxiety. Located in ‘Aiea/Pearl City, Aloha Wellness Center Inc. has been at the forefront of Hawai‘i’s needs for over 20 years.

We take pride in assisting our community with:

  • work injuries,
  • geriatric care,
  • auto accident and
  • work injury rehabilitation,
  • massage, and
  • physical therapy.

What makes Aloha Wellness Center Inc. stand out is the one-on-one physical therapy and complementing massage, based on proper diagnosis. Our physical therapists pride themselves in assisting all patients sustain a functioning lifestyle through our programs, which are created for each patient’s individual goals.

Our mission is to have our patients live healthy, pain-free lifestyles. After treatment, you will feel relieved, restored and revitalized.

In addition to our many services, we are treating veterans through physical therapy, modalities, medical-grade laser and massage to cope with stress, anxiety and other injuries.

Geriatric care allows us to assist our aging community in maintaining mobility and balance, ultimately practicing an active and functional lifestyle.

Here at Aloha Wellness Center Inc., we are empathetic to all of the concerns surrounding COVID-19.

Our large office space and gym abides by all state health laws, and we sanitize all massage rooms, equipment and common areas frequently. We are committed to fighting COVID-19 and your safety is our utmost priority.

For more information about Aloha Wellness Center Inc., contact our office at 808-723-2921.